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One hour float equals to 4 hours of deep sleep.

It is a heavy burden that our brains are constantly dealing with the pressure of gravity. Imagine, in a state of non-gravity floating, the tender silk water that equivalent to the body temperature, provides the perfect care, where all unnecessary disturbances of gravity, temperature, touch, visual, and sounds are disconnected (90% of neuromuscular activity), physical and mental energy are redirected, and significantly reducing the burden on the brain.

Ultra-deep floating can "reset" the body's hormones and metabolic balance, enhance the body's resistance to stress, illness, injury or strenuous exercise, and speed up the recovery rate. Since the brain does not have to send instructions, brain activity in the logical thinking part begins to slow down. The brain frequency drops to sync with the thinking part of the brain that is responsible for creativity, leading you to a state of dreamlike dreams before falling asleep. In this state, the brain will release a large amount of endorphins.

While floating, the human brain remains vaguely alert, although in deep relaxation. The brain gradually shifts from the usual sober BETA waves to the relaxed ALPHA waves, THETA waves and even the DELTA waves, (a state of serenity that buddhist monks can reach by accumulating meditation practice for several hours each day for many years). Now just lying on the silky floating soothing pod, and enjoy the feeling of floating, your brain can reach that state in minutes.



1. BETA腦電波測量13-40赫茲,是我們正常的大腦狀態的清醒意識。 2. ALPHA腦電波測量7-13赫茲,是大腦放鬆和冥想的狀態。 3. THETA腦電波,測量4-7赫茲,是大腦的REM睡眠狀態(夢),是意識和前意識邊境之間的世界。 4. DELTA腦電波,測不到4赫茲,是大腦深睡眠狀態和無意識。 *


* Note: Endorphin is an morphine-biosynthetic hormone. It is an amino compounds secreted by the pituitary gland and Hypothalamus, it is equivalent to natural painkiller.

1. BETA Brainwaves measurement of 13-40 Hz is a conscious awareness of our normal active brain state.

2. ALPHA Brainwaves measurement 7-13 Hz, is the brain's state of relaxation and meditation.

3. THETA Brainwaves, measured at 4-7 Hz, are REM sleep states (dreams) of the brain that are the area between the conscious and the edge of the unconscious mind.

4. DELTA brain waves, measured less than 4 Hz, is deep brain sleep state and unconscious. *


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