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我們不願停下來不做任何事情,因為我們害怕感覺空虛,但實際上「什麼都不做」這個概念是很強大的,充滿我們想像不到的潛力。然而,這也是最困難的鍛練之一。我們被周圍的人和事分心,而且常被誘惑去做一些事情,所以根本無法理解我們能從 「什麼都不做」中得到什麼。




It’s fascinating how our brains are in a constant state of thought; they refuse to pause and take a break for a moment.

Nowadays seems we need to be doing something 24/7; we even deprive our sleeping time to do so or, even our bathroom time when we have phones in our hands. We rarely spare ourselves some time to do nothing because we are afraid of feeling “empty.” But actually doing nothing is powerful and full of potential than what we assume. However, it is one of the most difficult tasks to do. Because we are distracted by our surroundings and tempted to do something all the time, we hardly appreciate what we can earn from doing simply nothing.​​

Just like our bodies need rest, our brains need a moment of thoughtlessness to rejuvenate themselves. Our brains are almost like laptops. When our laptops are used up, we charge them overnight so we can use them tomorrow. But even our brains do better; after all, they are extremely complex forms of machines to control ur body and mind. They give us bursting ideas and opportunities to live our lives differently or even creatively.

That's why sleep is so important, but while most of us always lack of sleep these days, taking a break with doing nothing is crucial too. But most importantly, it gives us space and time to look at things from a larger perspective. That’s how we come to appreciate the true power of doing nothing.

Without any external distractions, your body is free from the force of gravity in the float pod, in which you can experience the positive effects of deep meditation and overall wellness.

The State of Theta is naturally reached during floating, meaning that your body can easily make the transition required for sleep. Learn more

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