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The first float is usually a bit nervous, because we don't know what to expect about the anti-gravity; those who afraid of dark may feel the the darkness is challenging; some find it strange to spend a solely quiet time with themselves; while most people will worry how to spend their 60 minutes in the pod.




Especially in Hong Kong, everyday we are exposed to so many people and things happening, how little opportunity we have to communicate with our own, in fact, floating practice is the pursuit of self- physical and mental balance and adjustment, learn to slow down, you can get to feel which part of the body is calling for rest from exhaustion; also a time to calm down and reflect our obstacles.

When you have adapted to this unique environment, you will find that in fact you have a lot of random, wonderful, esoteric ideas, which are all generated in the purest and undisturbed state. Just like you have made a conscious dream, also as part of a brain clearing process.

From time to time, you will find a feeling of gradual holistic improvement, starts from this 60 minutes onwards.

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