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身體和精神徹底放鬆的狀態 I A state of complete physical and mental relaxation


當您在這狀態下持續放鬆而不需要用任何氣力去浮時,您的肌肉、關節和骨骼便會得到應有的休息,從而令身體可以復原;精神可以解放,進入完全的深層冥想休息狀態- 所有壓力輕易地一掃而空!

Floatation is a recommended regular practice where you float in a solution of 550 kg Epsom salt and body temperature water.

You won’t be fighting gravity. Without the distraction from the outside world, as you continue to relax inside realising that no effort is needed to stay float, your muscles, joints, and bones take a well-deserved break. Your body are allowed to recover, your mind begin to quit, entering a deep meditative state - All THE STRESS SIMPLY FLOATS AWAY.

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