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WHO’S AT FLOAX|女飛魚走進奧運之前

先要恭喜鄭莉梅 (Camille) 憑香港女子4x200自由泳接力順利游入東京奧運!


鄭莉梅 (Camille)





First of all, our big congratulations to Camille Cheng for reaching the Tokyo Olympic Games with the Hong Kong Women's 4x200 Free Relay team!

On the day before she flew to the U.S. for training, Camille visited us for her first floatation experience in perfect timing that she would enjoy a complete physical and mental relaxation.

When the float began, Camille found her upper-body muscles tight and stiff. After getting used to it, she entered the healing State of Theta - the barely conscious states just before sleeping and just after awakening.

The magical effect of muscle relief is impressive to Camille. The muscles got much softened after the tension relaxed. We wish Camille all the success in upcoming games and show the true Hong Kong spirit!

The Epsom salt solution rich in magnesium used for floatation is wonderful for your body and skin. Apart from stress relief, it can also ease muscle pain, flush out toxins and heavy metals in your body and speed up skin barrier's recovery from eczema. Discover more

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