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每一次進入漂浮艙都是不同思想旅程的開始; 而且實在很難將每次個人的體驗感覺解釋給別人明白。


1. 慢慢踏進漂浮艙,不用急。

2. 將蓋子拉下來關閉艙,蓋子沒有電鎖的,非常安全的(你可以隨時推開打開蓋子,您能自如的控制)

3. 仰後放鬆身體,你便會自然的浮起來!

4. 適應和感到舒適後,我們建議把關掉燈光,並與自己進行更深入的無重心靈漫遊旅程。

5. 您的真正休息開始了。



Every step into the float pod is a start of a different mind trip each time; It is hard to explain fully each experience and feeling of your own out from the pod to another person.

People always wonder how is it like into the space egg, let us be the eyes to guide you:

1. Step in slowly, no rush.

2. Close the lid by pulling it down yourself, there's no electrical lock so it is very safe ( you can always freely open it by pushing it up, its all under your control)

3. lean back and relax, so you will float!

4. Once you are comfortable enough, we recommend you to switch off the light, and have a deeper anti gravity soul discovery journey with yourself.

5. Your true rest starts here.

Come and physically experience this simple yet amazing feeling!

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