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我地漂浮艙七彩嘅LED燈係色光療法原理, 色光治療中既重要元素"彩虹七色光",能運用色彩和光線黎平衡身上任何缺乏活力的部位,這種療法既是自然物質的,亦係情緒化的,有助精神方面或者心智相關的效果。

Our float pods feature a multi-color LED, allowing you to experiment with these concepts of colour for yourself. You can choose the colour to best suit you in the moment.

Chromotherapy is a type of holistic healing that uses the visible spectrum of light and colour to affect a person's mood and physical or mental health. Below is a summary of some of the common uses of each colour as traditionally practiced in Chromotherapy.

【 暖色光 】 提升身體能量:體温、血壓、呼吸速率

〖 紅 〗 活力和火的顏色,可刺激身體和思緒循環和改善貧血。

〖 橙 〗 改善情緒,增強能量和幫助消化。橙色也是視為和肺部有關 連的顏色

〖 黃 〗 增強神經系統和刺激腺和淋巴系統,也同時可淨化身體

【 冷色光 】 降低身體能量:體温、血壓、呼吸速率

〖 綠 〗 改善支氣管炎,關節炎症等呼吸系統疾病,同時也提高注意力。

〖 藍 〗 與對疼痛有積極影響相關。藍色被認為是一種非常鎮靜的顏色,經常用於安撫偏頭痛和胃痛。

〖 紫 〗 協助身體的肌肉,器官和神經系統放鬆。它也被認為對脾臟和淋巴系統具有健康的影響。

〖 藍綠色〗 開啟潛意識之門,提升直覺力,放鬆交感神經。

【 Warm Colours 】 Those colours with a warm hue are typically regarded as more stimulating:

〖 Red 〗 A colour of vigour and fire, increase circulation and improve anemia while also stimulating both mind and body.

〖 Orange 〗 Improve one’s mood, stimulate energy levels and assist in digestion; orange is also associated with the lungs.

〖 Yellow 〗 Strengthen the nervous system and stimulate the glandular and lymphatic systems, while also helping to purify the body.

【 Cool Colours 】

Those colours with a cooler hue are typically regarded as soothing and relaxing:

〖 Green 〗 Improve bronchitis, joint inflammation and other respiratory ailments, while also improving concentration.

〖 Blue 〗 Is correlated with having a positive influence on pain. Blue is regarded as a very calming colour and is often used with the intention to soothe migraine headaches and stomach pain.

〖 Indigo 〗 Another soothing hue, indigo is thought to improve eye and ear conditions, while also having a positive psychological effect.

〖 Purple 〗 Assist the body’s muscles, organs and nervous system in relaxing. It is also thought to have a healthy impact on the spleen and the lymphatic system.


Simply enjoy picking what colour feels best to you in your float, or choose to float in darkness - and let your float to create a colourful mind for you!

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