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Theta state of mind can heightens inspiration, creativity, intuition and boost immune system. However, many people find it difficult to reach the theta state in the floatation on tank. Sometimes people are afraid of the water, sometimes they are irritated by salt water, or sometimes they are just too excited and have too much expectations!


1)相信水的浮力 漂浮艙內的水含有約550公斤的瀉鹽(Epsom salt),鹽的密度為1.25-1.29千克/升,比死海(1.24千克/升)還要高,所以你是不可能下沉的!放鬆脖子,讓你的頭部自由浮動。如果你還是感覺頭部太重/頭部向後墜的話,可試用我們的HALO浮板。

2)千萬別要碰你的臉 臉上的水點蒸發時,你有可能會感到痕癢。但是如果你用沾有鹽水的手觸碰它的話,鹽水很有可能會進入你的眼睛或鼻子,這對整個漂浮體驗影響很大,所以這一點是非常重要的!

3)保持平靜,控制呼吸 漂浮艙內的空氣是足夠讓你在內慢呼慢吸一小時或更長的時間,所以不用擔心不夠空氣。相反,保持平靜的心態,不要擔心空氣不夠, 不要對漂浮水療感到太緊張或興奮,減慢呼吸的速度。只要你慢呼慢吸,就會漸漸進入一種正念狀態。

Here are some tips on how you can calm your mind and achieve theta state of mind while floating:

1) Trust the water The water inside the tank contains about 550kg of Epsom salt and has a density of 1.25-1.29 kg/L, which is significantly higher than the Dead seawater (1.24 kg/L). So you WON’T sink! Relax your neck and let your head float freely or use our HALO plate if your neck and shoulders feel too heavy.

2) DO NOT touch your face This is so important. However itchy your face is in the pod, do not scratch it. The saltwater can find its way to your eyes and nose and that really disturbs the whole floating experience.

3) Be calm and control your breathing rate The air inside the pod is enough for you to breath gently for an hour or more, so don’t be nervous or so excited about the floating experience. Instead, stay calm and slow down your breathing. Also not necessarily to take deep breathe, Once you do a few mild inhale and exhale excercise, it will lead you to a mindful state.

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