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Researches show that floatation enhances performance in a variety of athletic and musical tasks that require high levels of concentration and visual-motor coordination.

漂浮治療研究員Peter Suedfeld的在一項對爵士學生的研究中,讓他們每週漂浮一次,進行四星期,同時參加即興爵士課(一種測試學習和記憶以及創造性思維的技能),學生在技術測試中得分較高,並獲得了比同一班沒有漂浮的同學更好的班級成績。 在1992年的另一項研究中,研究人員在一個休息時間之前和之後,用幾種不同尺度的測試來評估大學生的創造力和情緒。一組花了一個小時漂浮,而第二組花了一小時在一個黑暗的房間放鬆。漂浮的學生在主要創造力測試中有“顯著增加”。 In one study by noted float therapy researcher Peter Suedfeld, students who floated once per week for four weeks while enrolled in an improvisational jazz class (a skill which tests both learning and memory as well as creative thinking) scored higher on technical tests and received overall better class grades than students in the same class who did not float. In another study back in 1992, researchers tested college students with a few different scales that measure creativity and mood, both before and after a period of rest. One group spent an hour floating, while the second group spent the hour simply relaxing in a dark room. The students who floated showed “significant increases” on the primary creativity test. Source:

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