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作為國際4A廣告公司的影片監製,Francis因壓力和長時間拍攝而患有長期失眠和脊柱問題。 Daphney是一位前國際時裝品牌的高級時裝設計師,多年來從不間斷的潮流分析、設計思維和趕死期的工作,令她發現在內心中缺少了一種平靜感。為了平衡典型的緊張工作生活,他們會盡力抽時間出走,享受大自然,陽光,和盡多享受的水療體驗!直到他們遇到漂浮療法,從此改變了他們的方向,並決定踏出勇敢的一步來創立FLOAX,並旨在提供另一種放鬆方式,將身、心、靈的益處帶到他們的家-香港。


他們在2015年泰國度假之旅中首次嘗試漂浮水療。在第一次漂浮之後,他們對漂浮的效性感到驚訝,身心都得到極大的療癒。同年,Daphney 因正式接觸了香薰療法後了解更多整全身心靈健康,碰巧兩人都有著創業的心願; 他們便立刻意識到香港, 世界上最繁忙的城市之一, 是缺乏這種獨特的體驗。


FLOAX代表Float + Relax,也將芳香療法和整全健康完美結合。 他們希望繼續以創意性的方式分享他們的整體健康願景,以促進這城市身心健康。

Founded as a couple's mutual pursuit of creative life and wellness balance in 2016, FLOAX is inspired by various luxurious spa experiences they gained in their vacations.


As a global 4A Agency's video producer, Francis had been suffering from long term insomnia and spine problem due to high stress and long hours shooting. Daphney, a former senior fashion designer in an international fashion brand, realised a piece of missing calmness inside her after years of unstoppable mind with trend analysis, design thinking and catching deadlines. In order to balance the typical stressful working life, they would squeeze time to getaway with the nature, sunshine, and enjoy as much spa treatment as they can! Until they met floatation therapy, that pivoted their life since then, and decided to make courageous step to start FLOAX, and aim to bring an alternative way of relaxation, combining benefits for body, mind and soul to their home in Hong Kong.

The couple first experienced floatation therapy in Thailand in 2015. After the first float, they were amazed by the exceptional healing benefits and its effectiveness. At the same year, Daphney stepped her feet in aromatherapy to encounter holistic wellness, and with an aspiration of starting their entrepreneurship, they immediately recognised this unique type of wellness opportunity is lacking in Hong Kong, one of the most stressful cities in the world.


FLOAX represents Float + Relax with a perfect combination of aromatherapy + wellness. They hope to continue to share their vision of holistic wellness in a creative way to promote mental and physical health.



2014年,Daphney對香味和身心健康的興趣日益濃厚,使她開始學習香薰療法,很快更成為了認證的英國IFA香薰治療師,讓她了解香薰治療的奇妙之處以及整體療法的重要性。 在獲得資格後,Daphney更加堅定地開始自己的水療中心,這完全偏離了她原來的職業,探索創意也可投放於生活健康上,而不僅僅是服裝。

自FLOAX創立以來,Daphney繼續通過旅遊探索增長她對這個方面的熱誠,幫助她了解不同地方的水療文化,並希望將來不斷將其他形式的放鬆療法帶入FLOAX,她還通過不斷的培訓來擴展她的知識,包括冥想 ,水晶治癒和聲音治療等。

Educated and worked in the U.K. and Hong Kong for over a decade, Daphney started out her journey as a fashion designer.

In 2014, Daphney’s growing interest in scent and wellness led her to aromatherapy, where she soon became a certified IFA aromatherapist, allowing her to understand the wonders of aromatherapy and the importance of holistic healing. Further to acquiring the qualification, Daphney is even more determined to start her own spa which completely deviates from her original profession, to explore creativity into life more than on garments only.

Since the opening of FLOAX, Daphney continues to develop her passion through travelling which helps her to understand different spa culture and she hopes continually incorporate other forms of relaxation therapies to FLOAX in the future, she is also extending her knowledge with continuous training in including meditation, crystal healing & sound healing etc.


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