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2021年底將至,又到了我們推出 FLOAX袋 的時侯了~  ⁣⁣今年精心準備的FLOAX,裡面的物品是帶著回饋全球難民的祝福,也包含了FLOAX為大家準備的一些 Self care 選物,讓大家可把意暖意於聖誕送給朋友、家人或自己~ ⁣⁣

The end of 2021 is approaching! It's time for us to prepare our FLOAX bag for your favourite time of the year~ This year our FLOAX bag contains blessings of giving back to global refugees, and also includes highlighted Self care selections for you to send of as warm gifts to friends, family or themselves~

What's in FLOAX bag

inside floax bag

𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄 𝟓𝟏 難民手工製節日裝飾品 (隨機抽款)

FLOAX 秘魯聖木五枝+水晶束(水晶隨機抽款)

FLOAX 10ml純單方精油(精油隨機抽款)

FLOAX 香薰精擴香座

FLOAX 自我肯定卡 (主題隨機抽款)

FLOAX 漂浮式水療$50最後優惠禮券


𝐌𝐀𝐃𝐄𝟓𝟏 Handcrafted holiday Ornament by Refugees (style is randomly picked)

FLOAX Palo Santo bundle of 5 + Crystal (Crystal is randomly picked)

FLOAX10ml Pure essential oil (E.O is randomly picked)

FLOAX Essential oil Burner

FLOAX Affirmation Cards  (Theme Randomly picked)

FLOAXFinal $50 off floatation voucher


以上總值超過 Valued Over $1016




FLOAX PASS會員/早鳥(即日起至12月15日)更可享優惠價

MEMEBERS / EARLY BIRD (Before Dec 15 2021) can enjoy offer:

$458 each

FLOAX袋 數量有限,趕緊預訂!

FLOAX BAG available in limited quantities. Order now before it’s sold out!

made 51 logo.png

MADE 51 由聯合國難民署(UNHCR)支持而創立,旨在為全球工匠價值鏈中的難民創造機會。 MADE51 是一項全球倡議,將難民工匠與社會企業聯繫起來,以促進世界各地獨特家居裝飾和時尚配飾的設計、創作和營銷的品牌。

MADE 51 was brought to life by UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to create opportunities for refugees in the global artisan value chain. MADE51 is a global initiative that connects refugee artisans with social enterprises to facilitate the design, creation and marketing of unique home décor and fashion accessories across the world.




1) 填妥訂購表格 ,提供訂購數量、自取或送貨選擇及相關資料

2) 於遞交表格起3天內,透過銀行轉賬 / PayMe / FPS 付款,並以電郵 ( 或Whatsapp (9546 5353) 傳送個人資料及入數紙/轉賬資料給我們,以確認訂單

3) 在我們確認訂單後,將會於12月15日起發送有關自取及送貨日期的通知



如想將FLOAX袋直接送遞給你的朋友,請你於訂購表格選擇送貨,並於收件地址及收件人一欄填上指定收件人之姓名及地址,付款時另加送件費 HKD$30即可。

5) 選擇自取的客人可根據取貨日期到店取貨,請於7天內到店取貨。

1) Fill in the ORDER FORM with order number, in-store pickup or delivery selection and personal information.

2) Pay via bank transfer/ PayMe / FPS within 3 days after submission of order form.


Send us your personal information and transaction record by email ( or Whatsapp (9546 5353).

3) After we confirm the order, we will send you a notification about in-store pickup / delivery date and details.


The first batch of notifications will be sent from 15 December onwards.

4) Customers who opt for delivery will receive a notification from the delivery services company.


The default delivery option will be SF Express’s Standard Express Service - paid by receivers (Estimated rate HKD$30).

If you want the FLOAX bag to be delivered to your friend directly, please select delivery and fill in the recipient’s full name and address.

5) Customers who opt for in-store pickup, please visit our shop to pick your order within 7 days from the ready-for-pickup date.

You are recommended to opt for in-store pickup to save more and at the same time enjoy holiday shopping at our shop.

Due to limited space at our storeroom, customers please pick your order within 7 days from the ready-for-pickup date. If customers do not pick up orders during the pickup window, the orders will be cancelled and it’s non-refundable.




Friendly Reminder




  • 60分鐘漂浮水療優惠券有效期至2022年1月21日,請參閱禮券上所列明之有效日期。

  • 以上優惠只限於直接與 FLOAX的購買和預約,不適用於其他途徑之預約。

  • 以上優惠不可退款或兌換作現金使用。

  • 以上優惠不可和其他優惠券/贈禮券或其他特別優惠一併使用

  • 有關漂浮預約之條款請參閱我們的取消和延遲抵達政策。

Other Terms and Conditions

  • 60 mins Float discount Voucher is valid until Jan 21 2022. Please refer to the exact date specified on the voucher.

  • This offer only applies for direct purchase and booking with FLOAX, not applicable to other booking platforms.

  • This offer cannot be refunded or redeemed for cash.

  • This offer cannot be used with other coupons/ vouchers/ other special offer at the same time.

  • For float booking, please see our cancellation & late arrivals policy.

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