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全球最權威的潮流趨勢權威- WGSN,也提到漂浮是其中一項TOP 10的健康chill out潮流!跟貼潮流嘅您,都係時候要鬆一鬆,浮一浮啦!

How can you not keep up with the vibe, when floating is listed as TOP 10 chill out wellness trend on WGSN - the world's most leading trend forecaster! Let's Float and Chill!


What’s this?

Floatation is floating, on water, and it has been described as 'microwave meditation'.

Tell me more:

You lie back, face-up in a pod, cocooned from the outside world. It's pitch black, the tank is filled with Epsom salt (so you're completely weightless) and the water is at body temperature, blurring the line between body and water.

Why top 10?

The body goes into an intense state of relaxation, which – according to experts – takes years to achieve with classical meditation techniques. Some people have experienced flashes of insight and find it brings about a lucid creative state. Actor and comedian Joe Rogan is a fan of the tank, describing it as “the most important tool that I’ve ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving”.

Anything else I should know?

Clients can spend from an hour up to a night in a tank. Floatation is breaking out of the usual pod with more unique, sophisticated spins on float therapy. For example, there's the ancient Roman baths in Lower Manhattan, where you drift through an open turquoise floatarium, and the Amangiri Aman Spa in Utah, US which has a floatation chamber built into the canyon cave.

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