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$100 Reward Cash Coupon 

Terms & Conditions for 條款和細則

1. The coupon has 2 months expiry period from date of distribution.

2. The coupon can be used upon every spending of HK$200 at FLOAX treatments and products *Exclude Cul de sac-JAPON products and FLOAX workshops*, two "$100 Reward Cash Coupon" for spending $400, and so on. Maximum 5pc of "$100 Reward Cash Coupon" can be used for each transaction.

3. The coupon can only be used at Floatation Therapy Spa physical store.

4. FLOAX Therapy Spa reserves the right to change the details and terms in relation to the use of this coupon without prior notice.

5. This coupon can only be used once.

6. This coupon must be presented before payment. NO retrospective arrangement can be made.

7. This coupon is not for sale, non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts, and is non-returnable. FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited reserved the right to collect or cancel the coupons used for sale.

8. All transactions with the use of coupons CANNOT get refund nor exchange.

9. This coupon cannot be used in conjunction with other types of coupons and promotional privileges and Member Rewards points redemptions. 

10. FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited will not be liable for the loss, theft, damage and misuse of any issued coupon. The coupon holder shall be solely responsible for all liabilities.

11. In case of any dispute, the decision of FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited shall be the final.

1. 優惠券自發放之日起有2個月的有效期。

2. FLOAX 療程及產品每消費滿HK$200 即可使用此優惠券 *不包括Cul de sac-JAPON 產品和FLOAX 工作坊*,消費滿$400 可獲贈兩張“$100 獎勵現金券”,以此類推。每筆交易最多可使用5張“$100 獎勵現金券”。

3. 優惠券只能在FLOAX Floatation Therapy Spa實體店使用。

4. FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited 保留更改與使用此優惠券有關的細節和條款的權利,恕不另行通知。

5. 此優惠券只能使用一次。

6. 此優惠券必須在付款前出示。不可作出追溯安排。

7. 此優惠券不可轉售,不可兌換現金和/或其他禮品,且不可退還。 FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited 有權收回或取消用作銷/轉售用途之優惠券。


9. 此優惠券不可與其他優惠券、優惠及會員獎勵積分兌換同時使用。

10.持券人有責任承擔優惠券的丟失、被盜、損壞和遭濫用之責任。 FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited 概不負責。

11. 如有任何爭議,FLOAX Therapy Spa Limited 保留最終決定權。

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